Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lurch and Libation

Where I work, let's just say a major telecommunication equipment provider, there has been a recent push to develop employees' careers. This after decidedly negative survey results were returned to management from the perennial make-the-employee-think-we-care-and-thereby-make-them-feel-good employee engagement survey. What is possibly meant by engagement is best left to another discussion, but in any event one of the career development possibilities offered was to either give or attend so-called lunch and learn sessions. For the inebrated, a lunch and learn is a way to impart some wisdom from one person or many to another or many, over lunch (thereby not creating any expense for the employer), usually in a conference room. Everyone brings their own lunch but this is not mandatory. I bet many companies do this or variations on this theme. There's also a social aspect as we get to meet perhaps new people and network. The first thought that came to my mind when I heard this suggestion was, hmmm, can we bring beer and if so who is the designated driver who guides us safely as we lurch back to our cubicles after libation?

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