Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hop Crop

There's still about a month before harvest. Ok you hopheads what variety of hops are these?

Corney Sankey Eye

Saturday, July 18, 2009

There May Be Hope for the English Pub Yet!

Here's a good article by Henry Shukman that paints a fairly upbeat picture about the survival of the English Pub.

He make makes me feel like I should go and visit.

I wonder why there aren't there any pubs like these in NEPA?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Hiatus

Drink in May and go away.

Well I've got the go away part down pat, but I'm still sipping the fine brews on into the Summer!

Actually, most summers, it seems with the barbecues, vacations, et al, this space gets dusty mitey.

I'll try to post some interesting tid-bits as I discover them, though.

Hey Tazio, what's in the Beer Meister?

Well, let's see...Realizing that the Bavarian Barbarian Hammerin' Ale was in it's death throes after we had to tag-team to ax and broadsword it to its knees last week, I anticipated this revolting development quite nicely and procured a backup keg of Victory Prima Pils. Just in case expiration came at an inconvenient time and all...

Well when the Hammerin' Ale honorably kicked over the weekend (may ye rest in peace, valiant warrior), it was a simple matter to switch to the Prima Pils. And what a primo delight that was!

Still on tap two is ITHACA Beer Co.&trade Apricot Wheat--it's going as fast as a hound dog passing Apricot pits. But really, it's going steadily, but subject to a foaming issue. My pressure only shows 8 lbs--I'll dial it back a wee bit to see if that helps!