Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Head Topping

What do you call it when you pour your favorite beer into a glass and the head tops the rim and overflows down the side? Is there a word for that event? Depending on your general outlook on things this could be viewed as a happy or unfortunate occurrence. Happy since that image of a slightly overflowing beer is one of legend and also unfortunate as this equates to wasting.

Let's try out a couple for size. Wasteage? Sounds too toxic. Spillage? Seems too mundane--like the expense a bar might incur by too-hasty barmaids filling shot glasses. Rimming? Too much like child-birth. How about these: ``storming the Bastille'' or a ``bishop's defrockment''. In context: ``Joe, stop pouring otherwise you'll storm the Bastille.'' Or ``Sebastian, slow down or that bishop's gonna be defrocked!''

The ``bishop's defrockment'' is kindof a play on the opposite of the term ``a bishop'' which is what you would call a beer that was poured short and less than what you paid for. I hate getting a bishop when I'm out anywhere and I usually send it back to get topped as I'm paying for a full glass. If there's no line on the glass, I expect it no more than 1/2" from the rim say, on a pint glass. Am I being anal on this?

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