Monday, February 15, 2010

Was ist los? Der Bier Stube!

Purely by intention we found ourselves under a partly cloudy sky driving east through Iowa with the fertile plains all around and nearing the mighty Mississip with enough driving under our belts to have worked up quite a mean hunger.

And by Glorious Accident (that again!), when we exited I-80 we found this delightful place called Der Bier Stube in LeClaire Iowa right on the west bank of the river.

I have it on good word that Der Bier Stube means, roughly translated, the beer room--a place every home has (or should have) where friends and family gather for a good time. Indeed.

Specialty meats shine here and we had a wonderful Würste plate with many tasty varieties of sausage including: Knackwurst, bratwurst, weisswurst (sans the sucking), polish, frankfurter and landjäger. On the side was a small bowl of zingy coarse mustard that paired perfectly with the meats.

Along with the sausage platter I opted for one of my long-time favorite beers: Paulaner Hefeweizen from the tap. S opted for the same. Their draft list and bottle list is pretty nice with a smattering of Pilsners and Hefe-Weiss and dark and light Weizen's. What would you expect at a Bier Stube? IPAs? Well there are a few IPAs on their bottle menu if you must.

Our server was a pretty blond babe: cute as a button, possibly Polish, pleasant and attentive too!

The beer was fresh and the würste was best. Worth a stop if you're passing through.


This post lost it's way on the trip from NEPA to Mountain View and is being posted better late than never!

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