Friday, February 5, 2010

Is Resistance Futile?

You're one of those people who don't go with the flow. Unless it's from a beer tap.

You secretly take the 3000 mile route to get gas when your tank's full.

Craft beer? You've been drinking it for 30 years. At least.

You've had a HP 200LX, a Palm Pilot, Palm III, the first cellphone running Windows Mobile, a Tilt and now a Palm Pre or Nexus.

And you've been resisting an iphone, the Borg of mobile computing, the macro-lager of hand-helds, for as long as there's been iFools.

Oh, you've been wistfully looking at all the apps on iTunes, all right. Most useless, but a few really sweet.

And you don't usually admit, but down, deep down, you've been secretly yearning to have all that too.

At what point does the balance tip, you tumble and become assimilated?

Don't just give in but resist. It's in your nature to be a leader.

First, have a look at your needs. Like where to find Kulmbacher Eisbock on tap, right now.

Like to travel and explore new bars and restaurants and meet new people? Can you tell Thai from Vietnamese? Well there's something here now that will help. Check out Zagat nru. Only for Android™ phones.

For those times when you need a little augmented reality.

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