Saturday, March 14, 2009

Savannah Beer Adventures

I arrived a little early in Savannah, as L was still taking her last final, so I decided to make a quick stop at Moon River Brewing Company on West Bay Street to try out their liquid fare. I didn't have a lot of time on this, my third trip to Savannah, but just enough time to make my first visit to their fine establishment.

Now if you've been to Savannah you can skip this paragraph but if you haven't and want to visit, read on. Savannah is laid out along and to the south of the Savannah River of all things. There is a more or less pedestrian cobblestone streeted tourist area down by the river, along what is called River Street, consisting of various eateries, shops, bars, clubs, and such. The elevation change from the river's edge to Bay Street which is really the first proper street paralleling the river, is probably on the order of 50 feet or so and there are various access stairways and ramps from the upper area of the city, down to the river. Along Bay street you'll find various hotels, restaurants, and strangely enough a pretty area where they keep the government buildings. Bay Street divides into East and West sections at Bull Street which is one of the streets perpendicular to Bay Street that leads directly to one of the amazing park squares. Other streets perpendicular to Bay Street also extend to other squares. Each is differently landscaped with various species of trees and flowers, so if your a horticulturalist, these are a must see. There is on-street metered parking but it can be difficult to locate close to Bay Street. Of course, parking wherever you can find a spot is encouraged, as this is a walking city.

I was able to find a spot and park on a square a few blocks away and enjoyed a stroll over to Moon River. This being Savannah after all, there were tourists and students out and about in shorts and sandals, enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.

As I approached, ancient, open double doors not unlike those you might see along South Franklin Street in W-B, beckoned me to come inside. One step up from the sidewalk deposited me inside the doors where I faced the square bar with seating for perhaps 30--20 stools being occupied at 4:30. I was able to find a stool and sat down to survey both the beer menu and the interior.

There were a number of intriguing selections including a sessionable Wit, but I hadn't much time. What now? A Porter? Next time. Then my eyes fell to the Sly Fox IPA coming in at a clever 7% which I opted for, and which arrived quickly and with just the right amount of bravado. The color was unusual for an IPA more to the straw end of amber, but wow was the flavor and taste spot on.

As I sipped, I perused the room. The bar has an arch over the front and back bars and the sides were traditional. The brewery is to the left standing inside the front doors. The right side of the room has tables and chairs for eating. A flat panel graced each wall at the back corner of the bar, just high enough to see Penn State playing in the Big 10 tournament.

Being in the 70s, I had an awful thirst which was slaked in epic fashion by the Sly Fox. I quickly finished and left, striding jauntily back to my car--prepared to take on whatever Savannah would next provide.

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