Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Prez P.A. Fermenting!

My latest try at coming up with an P.A. that has the taste and aroma that rivals say Victory Hop Devil, Lancaster Brewing Company Hop Hog, or One Guy Atomic Punk, is happily fermenting away happily.

I'll post my recipe here, but early indications are that I may have hit the mark with this one. My guess is that it will come in at a nice 7.5% ABV with a 70 IBU placing it right at the upper edge of this style. Three varieties of hops and my first attempt using liquid yeast.

I was surprised by the small amount of yeast that ended up going into the wort. Based on the size of the package I was expecting more than that but there was perhaps only one or two ounces. I usually hydrate my dry yeast and end up with a creme of perhaps a quarter cup, so this was some difference. Presumably there are about the same number of active cells in the liquid versus rehydrated dry. The liquid is quite a bit more expensive than dry ($9 vs $2.5). Is it worth it? I don't know.

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