Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas in January

T-Bone and I happened by One Guy Brewing yesterday to celebrate Christmas. Actually, I was honored by him treating me to share in his Christmas present of a One Guy Brewing gift certificate.

I was delighted to see the Pale Ale on tap as I had never tried this in any of the earlier releases of it in the past year. Offered along with that, was the Atomic Punk I.P.A. and the Berwick Lager.

I began with a shaker of the P.A. which turned out to be a delight of refreshing, straw colored elegance. A very nice blend of maltiness and a slight hop flavor brought about by the East Kent Goldings hops (I think--need to verify this). I could easily drink a lot of this and enjoy every sip!

The P.A. was followed by the extremely popular Atomic Punk. So popular in fact, that at one point every stool had one in front of them precipitating the automatic engagement of the playing of Atomic Punk on the boom box! I tried this on initial release last year and loved it then. This version, according to Guy, has a bit more Amarillo hops. To me, it has a bit more of a piney, grapefruity, characteristic in my nose and in taste. Not obtrusively overwhelming, but indeed excellent. I ended up bringing a growler home.

One Guy as you may know is approaching its one year anniversary of being open. (Today as a matter of fact.) I won't be in town next weekend but I trust that stopping by then will beer a beery rewarding experience!

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