Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Guy Brewing Reprise

I had a hanker'n for some good beer yesterday and since my beer meister is empty right now I knew I'd have to do something really creative to quench that awful wildfire of a thirst that you can only get when either fighting fires or bottling a batch of home-brew. So after pondering the situation, I decided to take a drive over to One Guy Brewery to see what was on tap and get a growler-to-go.

It dawned on me when I drifted off I80 onto 11, that perhaps One Guy wasn't open this early on a Saturday, at an hour closer to a shoot-out than a bullfight. I put that thought right out of my mind--the power of positive thinking getting the better of me. My raison d'etre was clear: satiate that thirst or else! I rolled up at about 1:30 and noticed that the weekend opening hours begin at 1. Phew, that was luck.

I sauntered into the cool tap room and slipped onto a stool next to an old-timer sipping on a Berwick Lager. After looking at the beer menu, I started to map my liquid plan. I'd start with the Pilsner, then move to the Hefeweizen, and leave the growler fill for the brainstorm that I knew would come after drinking good beer.

The shaker of Pilsner went down easy. A delightful beer, crystal-straw colored with just the right amount of hops taste and aroma. So that's what Saaz hops taste like! No sooner had I finished this gem, I asked for the large Hefeweizen. Large. In the weizen glass. Sans lemon. Prost! What a wonderfully different flavor experience from the Pilsner. Now Pilsner's are as accessible as a Starbucks in NYC, taste-wise, and a Hefe takes some getting used to, but WoW! This one transported me back to Frankfurt, circa 2005. What a fantastic summer beer. I'm here to tell you that this is one for the archives, friends. I dare say, you won't find a nicer Hefe this side of the pond.

After the Hefeweizen, my choice was clear. A growler of the Hefe to go, please, and make it quick the world's about to end.

I was just about to get up and take my liquid gold home, when the guy next to me, ordered the Christmas in July special and that offered that this treat was his second favorite to the Cinnamon Boldy. He convinced me with about 8.2% probability that I would not dislike this warmer and having missed the Cinnamon Boldy, the last time, I didn't want to make the same mistake twice. So I ordered a glass. Having aged for 10 months this marvel arrived a bright ruby red, with a nice aroma of gingerbread. Now, I'm not one for spiced beer, this one having been complemented with honey for sweetness, but there was no mistaking the power of this beast. A great warming reminder that in a few short months we'd be enjoying the Christmas season again.

I made my way home, in reverse, having put out that fire and reminding myself to go back again soon for another visit.

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