Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beer, Beer and Oh, did I mention more Beer?

One of the supremely joyful experiences I navigate through, in this thing I'll loosely call

my life
is visiting my friendly local beer distributor.

Can there really be anything better than the feeling of getting out of your car, your forehead coolly damp with a sweat that can only come from driving windows-down 13 miles in a Subaru with a blown head gasket--its AC long gone, walking through a 90 degree warehouse only to have to wait impatiently while the overhead garage door rolls up with a metallic grind-rumble and hum, slowly opening to reveal the escaping arctic-cool air instantly vaporizing against the encroaching heat, fogging your vision momentarily, and then tentatively striding through clear guard curtains, curtains meant to keep the badness out and the goodness in, and finally, ambling into a walk-in cooler to peruse the selection of beer kegs lined up like a regiment of R2D2 clones?

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