Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Next stop. The Beer Stop!

The Beer Stop is located in Hazleton (or is it at the extreme edge of West Hazleton?) on Rte. 93 and when driving south, on the right hand side almost at the corner where Broad Street veers to the left in front the former Miners (now Citizens) Bank building. I knew of this place for a while, but only stopped in for the first time in February or March of this year, but I'm glad I finally did.

PA has some onerous laws that are slowly changing conerning where and how you can buy beer. The Beer Stop seems to be at the cutting edge of these changes.

This fine establishment connects with a convenience store across the parking lot from the former State Store and offers a wide variety of domestic and import beers that can be purchased by the six, the case, and/or mixed and matched in seemingly any number of bottles and cans greater than zero. I haven't tried to buy just one, but I did pick up three which is closer to one than six, so ein bier, lutfen, may work for you.

They advertise the largest selection of Latin beers around, which I can't vouch for. What I can attest to is the fine array of domestic craft beers. On my last visit I picked up a bottle of Troegs Trogenator, a bottle of Troegs PA Pale Ale, and a bottle of Troegs IPA. I would say that there have been at least 20-30 domestics and the same of imports available, by the bottle, on each of the three occasions I have gone in. Prices seem to be equivalent or a bit less than what you would pay at a bar, but you'd have to search far and wide to find a bar that carries these beers!

The Beer Stop pays me in beer to proffer this sort of advertising, so take this post with a sip of beer. In any event, if you're in the mood to try some new beers, this is the place to go. You will not be disappointed that you stopped at the Beer Stop.

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