Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rinse this bottle and return to brewer when finished.

I bottled yesterday, uneventfully save for cracking off the top of one bottle when crimping the cap. I wonder how long it takes to go from an initial 48 bottles to none when you account for misadventures like this? Add in bottles that you give away, bottles that still have something in them from last time, and it's easy to see that you really need more than 48 bottles, perhaps 72 on a rotating basis, to always have enough for a batch. I noticed that only one or two bottles had any residue on t he bottom from not being rinsed properly after being used previously. Maybe I need a warning on the label: ``Rinse this bottle and return to brewer when finished.'' Maybe a deposit would help me get all my bottles back? Hmmm.

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