Friday, December 7, 2007

Price of Ingredients

I read here that prices for beer will be going up soon if they haven't already. Have you noticed? Specifically, hops and malt price increases were cited (but will clean water, good `ol H2O, be far behind?) and they suspect that it will add $2.50/case to the price of many their craft brews (and $8/case for hop-heavy recipes). I can tell you that my 5 gallon batch (a bit more than two cases) costs me now about $50 for all the ingredients (purchased in October). $25/case is not that bad for a good quality brew and 27.5 isn't that bad either, but $32? The free market will eventually solve this when there is good impetus (profit) for farmers to begin growing barley and hops again instead of subsidized corn. But how many brewers will be forced to leave the party before this happens? And with the massive energy bill that's in the works with incentives to move to biofuels (this itself screws up the free-market unnaturally!), this may not end soon and maybe good beer is gonna be left out in the cold? I hope not since we as drinkers and brewers of distinctive beers will be the worse for it. Guns or Butter. Guns or Butter, Beer or Gas? Hmmmm. I vote for good beer. What do you think?

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