Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey Tazio, what's in the Beer Meister?

weeeeelllll, let's see....

Verrastro's had a wonderful selection of beers in the cooler--the likes of which I haven't seen here in a long time. Props fellows.

Even with so many choices, selection came quickly with two Pennsylvania ales that have not yet graced the Beer Meister's icy environs.

First came Weyerbacher Verboten Belgian-style Pale Ale. Pleasantly different and simply wonderful tasting and refreshing--a perfect summer beer to me buds. Zeer goed!

The second sixtel came from Stoudt's, to my understanding, represented in this cooler for the first time.

Their flagship brew: American Pale Ale. This is a swirling cascade of 4.8% ABV summertime fun. Very session-able in a very colony sort of way, really. Eggggggggggggsalenttttttttttt!

N.B.: A stop at Stoudt's in Adamstown is a must if you're in the neighborhood, although it's been a while since I've been there.

N.B.^2: Ruminating on the pleasures of the walk-in cooler in the summer engages the mind with thoughts of a perfect escape: A night spent in the beer cooler with a parka and tap. Glassware? Definitely not necessary on this primitive adventure!

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Traffic nightmares on I81 we can all believe in.

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