Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nude Beer. Girls. Beer. All the Time!

Thank you God!

Hang on while I turn down the shameless attention grab knob.

Mr. MyBeerBuzz got me to imagining the subject of Nude Beer and if you haven't seen this before, what we have here is probably the finest example of attention-grabbing, motivational beer marketing this world has ever seen--right up there with the best from Olgivy and Mather. I know it got my attention when I was a young pup back in the day.

This is another of my beer collectibles: A gift from my Dad.

Unfortunately, it doesn't fit under the mattress, so I need to take great pains to hide it from my Mom.

This four-pack contains four bottles of Nude Beer. From the Golden Beverage Company based out of good `ol Wilkes-Barre PA. Each bottle has a label (there were over 50 different labels used for the brand), each adorned with a beautiful, big-haired, fully-clothed, babe.

Each a period `80s homage to Charlie's Angels if you will.

The girl's clothing became optional as the intent was to get beer drinkers so enamored of the girls, that they'd buy the beer and giddily scratch away the exclusive scratch off label and repeat as necessary until all of the girls were exposed. Think of the notches in bar rails across NEPA!

These are original, bottles haven't been opened, the girls haven't undressed yet.

The packaging has seen better days but you would too if you'd been drug out of hiding to be shown off constantly for the last 30 years or so.

Boy would I like to talk to the guy who dreamed this up.

Coming soon: Nude Beer Burlesque Show!

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