Friday, January 1, 2010

Creatures: Imagined and Real

Diesel rhinoceroses charge overhead as I pass under them.

Deer crossings in the snow, purposefully, in the direction of breakfast.

Humans doing the same for their breakfast of news.

Young trees with branches uplifted, long, snow-covered faces yearning for Heaven.

Old pine trees, sagging, small pine tree children abound. Lives fulfilled.

But not all! Some shaggy around the ears, still young at heart and healthy, reaching upward.

The occasional crazy-old guy, his synaptic branches, sparkling and still growing like crystals, turning all which-way, yearning for knowledge and reflecting a voracious mind no doubt.

Along Blue Ridge Trail, I see a dromedary in deep repose, snow-covered, next to the 10th green.

Lake Blytheburn is a frozen skate, blending right into the surface of the lake.

Another person: sweeping his walk, his broom a horse's tail scattering snowflakes like so many flys.

Happy New Year! I yell as I pass. Same to you! He yells back with a smile.

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