Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Spaulding

You've seen him: The guy that hangs around in crowded bars--first over there, then on the other side of the bar.

Always with a half-finished or empty pint glass.

Usually standing--the quicker to move on?

If you get close enough, you'll see the eyes darting furtively. Always scanning, never tiring, always watching.

Schmoozing when necessary to keep his cover.

Ever see him open his wallet? No.

You always thought he was trolling for fresh meat.

Well, it's not fresh meat he's after--it's the floaters that drift across bartops across the world...

You know, the half-empty warm beer glasses that are abandoned.

Well, spaulding is the guy who drains these glasses.

He drinks for free and loves it!

I'm not saying you should support your local spaulding on a regular basis.

For obvious reasons.

But this Christmas, in the spirit of the season, leave a little in the bottom of your glass.

Do it.

Show you care.

For Spaulding.

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