Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 Christmas Variation IPA--Update

Well, transfer to secondary over another four ounces of wet Cascade and Wilamette hops is done with nary a drop wasted.

The specific gravity was 1.026 at that time, and lest you think I drained this sample, I did--into my stomache.

So I think it has a bit of fermenting to go yet before it's finished. Original gravity was 1.066.

I need a better name for this brew.


Leandra said...

Hale Winter

John P. said...

Santa's Slay IPA

tazio said...

I sipped one last night--it's very hoppy and very tasty. I have to say, I like Santa's Slay IPA.

John P. said...

I can't wait to try it. Home Grown Hops right?

tazio said...

It's pretty good. The carbonation is a little better than the Porter variation B. Still not to my liking though. I'm going to try kegging a batch one of these days and force-carbonate. Frankly, I should be amping up my production to larger batches--bottling some and kegging some. I need to get those tanks prepared!