Friday, May 8, 2009


Is it just me or are you too about to puke over the TV and radio commercials running these days with British and Australian voice-overs?

I can't take it any more.

There's the nauseating gekko peddling insurance.

And there's some irritating British guy doing a radio commercial for the North Carolina Lottery for heaven's sake! What's up with that?

And stop using shilling, end of the day, holiday, kit, best regards, and other nonsense, please.

And what about the rogues gallery of British financial punditry on CNBC? What the frick do they know about American companies, the American economy, and any and all things American?

I'll grant you the Brits gave us the Who, the Clash, Shakespeare, the Pub, a few decent ales, and the language. And the Australians gave us, um, the boomarang.

Why do you think advertisers are doing this? Do the focus groups tell them that someone with an Australian or British accent is somehow more trustworthy or believable?

Don't fall for it people.


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John P. said...

America is going through a serious self loathing faze, O is the culmination of that so he's going around the world saying he's sorry for all those "mean spirited" Americans as Michelle O called us. Time to buck up and become "Citizens of the World I guess" The USA is dead.

We've become more likely to trust anyone but our own neighbor these days. The advertising world, being mostly left wing creative types have thought this for years, that's why it's been pervasive now or quite awhile.