Wednesday, January 16, 2008

At least my taste Buds still work

You know, I often think (I may already be stretching it a bit here) that I should start trying to review the beers I drink. Oh, I don't drink a lot of different beers, I'm somewhere between a teetotaler and beer snob and probably sample oh, 50 new beers a year, but I don't review any of them. Oh, I'm a Beer Advocate but I've only reviewed one beer in about two years. Why? I'm color blind and can't really tell colors. Everything looks piss yellow to me. No, not really, but I really can't tell the color of a beer that well. Perhaps it pshychological and I should just try to colorize the beer based on what my tastebuds tell me: a tart beer? Oh it's greenish. A spicy beer? Red of course. Banana? Yellow. Piss? Well you get the idea. I suppose I could make up for it with my Bard-like writing qualities but would a reader understand this? I guess I'd have to put a warning prologue on each of my reviews: Warning: This beer has been reviewed by a blind, eyeless, beggar from NEPA. You have been warned. Or maybe I need Gordy Laforge visor that will show me true colors. Does anybody else have this problem and how do you handle it?

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