Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wild Hops?

Uncle Kazek insists there are wild hops growing behind his house.

I won't argue with him since hops were cultivated in the eastern US long ago, but this brings to mind something that does grow on a vine, wild, at the end of the street by my house: grapes.

On Saturday I went for a long run (11) and on two occasions, once at the end of said street and another on the long road back, passed stands of wild grapes, their vines resolutely clutching tree trunk and extending like octopus tentacles along the branches next to and in some cases overhanging the road. Stands may be too strong as there appeared to be only a single surviving vine in each case. The sweet, ripe, purple grape emitted an intoxicating aroma as I passed.

I wonder if someday soon there might be hop fields along these same roads, lending their own exotic nimbus into the air for passing beer/running enthusiasts to enjoy?

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