Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flying Saucers over Memphis

We missed this back in 2008 but sweltering 100 degree afternoon heat does wonders for ones motivation to seek out a cold beer.

I can attest that I was minding my own business just walking along enjoying the after-taste of some Beale Street `cue and PBR (Charles Vergos' Rendezvous was closed) when a ray came down from somewhere and transported me to a place with flying saucers hovering overhead.

Large bar. Many handles. Metal bar-top. Interesting back bar with dominoes and chess piece pediments/ A first.

Smoking is encouraged. Not the `cue kind.

The cute barmaid was as cute as seven of nine.

And not just cute but beer-cute. That is, knowledgeable and likes beer.

And not beer-goggles cute either.

Efficient and quick to probe me for what I wanted.

Wonder of wonder!

Monday! Pint Nite!

$2.75 drafts. Not everthing on the Fly Paper down below, but a goodly number. Yippee!

Tried a couple of beers that I hadn't had before from Yazoo and Schlafly. Mighty tasty.

Struck up a conversation with a fellow abductee D. D had been abducted before and we spent the better part of the afternoon reminiscing of beers drank and yet to drink. More friendly Southern Hospitality here.

Turns out the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is a chain of beer bars in the southeast and Texas.

Check out the Fly Paper, Memphis edition.

Best part of every day.

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