Monday, May 17, 2010

Tactical Nuclear Penguin -- The Deep Dive

Dog! This is one fine Beer--and that's spelled B-e-e-r with a capital Brew Dog and don't let the 32% bite fool you.

And it really is a stout--just not the weenie-dog 3% kind you're used to. (Not mentioning any names. You know who you are.)

But it's a sipp'n beer--enjoy it by the thimble.

Opened this bottle on Mother's Day with J, J-prime, UJ, D and myself. It was served at about 58 degrees.

Batch 002 -- Best before December 25, 2019. You like that? I do.

Pours an amber color--a bit like Glenmorangie. And with a head so thin you could, well, almost, think it's Glenmorangie.

A profligate aroma of alcohol on the nose--not a Rauch Bock blast across the bow mind you, but a sniff nonetheless to let you know there's serious business at hand.

All hop aroma has been banished to Siberia.

A wee-bit less alcohol lapping on the tongue--but not much. Tastes of tobacco, oak, caramel, molasses, roasted grain. A bit strong in the finish--not for the faint of heart.

S tried a sip and made a face--everyone else enjoyed the hell out of it--I enjoyed three shots, easily putting me over the limit to take to the streets.

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