Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bottle Conditioning

I'm having intermittent good luck with bottle conditioning.

Some batches turn out great while others have no carbonation or very little.

Could it be the high gravities depressing yeast activity at this late stage?

Could it be the technique I use to add a bit more sweet wort prior to bottling (basically adding a few ounces periodically during the transfer from fermenter to bottling bucket)? If that was the case, I would expect to have some bottles with plenty and others with none, but all have almost none. And I have used this technique with success in the past so it's probably not this.

Gotta research this.


John P. said...

That really is something isn't it? One of the bottles of B I had the other day wouldn't stop bubbling over after I opened it, yet D's bottles were all pretty flat.

Good luck figuring that out Tazio.

tazio said...

The priming wort wasn't mixed well, I'm guessing--others seem to have had this issue. I'm gonna try improving on my technique for the 2009 Christmas IPA Variation that's in the secondary fermenter now.