Sunday, October 4, 2009

Schneider Weisse Wheat Beer Lexicon

I stumbled on this interesting and often funny dictionary of Wheat beer, Schneider Weisse, and all things beer and brewing generally, at the top-notch G. Schneider & Sohn brewery site.

I sort of intuited the health benefits of beer, but now it's official:

Hildegard of Bingen
famous doctor and abbess (1098 - 1179) advised in favor of beer drinking due to health reasons. She was a renowned brewmaster and opinioned: "If you are thirsty, you drink beer but no water , because water has no strength. Water will bring more damage than help to your body"

Now this is sanctioned beer quality if I ever saw it:
A beertasting was supposedly run as follows: the mayor and two members of the cityhall appeared at the brewery , demanded a stein of beer, poured the beer on a wooden bench and sat with their leatherpants on it. So they remained sitting for an hour. When they rose and the bench stuck to your "bud" , then the beer was considered good.

It's been said that no German engineer could ever learn anything from an American. Hmmmm:
Crown cork
is the hygienically proven cap on the returnable bottle. The crown cork was invented by William Painter from Baltimore, Maryland, and has been used since 1892.

Universallay true, no?
Rolling pin or Nudelwoigler
Traditional Bavarian hitting tool to discipline drunk ("b´suffane") husbands. To be blue.

I've learned a few things over there and think you'll enjoy it too.

See you at Octoberfest!

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