Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey Tazio, what's in the Beer Meister?

When summertime's come and I need something to keep me cool, my faithful Beer Meister always comes through without protest to supply just what's needed. Never complaining, steadfastly delivering the chilling elixir that makes everything juuussttt right...

First up is one for the ladies: ITHACA Beer Co.™ Apricot Wheat. This is a mellow easy-drinking beer with just a hint of apricot. Wheat is a bit of a stretch as the beer is actually a combination of barley and wheat malts giving it a unique twist. Not one too much for sweet beers, still, I find this very drinkable at an easy 4.9% ABV. I did have a sip of this from S's glass, once before at Marty's Blue Room.

Next up is a really local beer which is new for me, from the Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company in Williamsport and called Hammerin' Ale. This is another very easy-drinking beer weighing in at a light 4.5% ABV, but is a bit darker amber ale. This beer has a unique, clean flavor, that is a nice switch from a lot of the stronger beers that have kissed my lips lately. Another nice summer brew.

On deck for the dog days, we have Victory Prima Pils. That is, if I'm victorious in scoring a sextel... Wish me well.

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tazio said...

Having poured the Hammerin' Ale for a week now, I'm here to reiterate: This is one tasty, easy-to-quaff beer. Not too hoppy, and not too heavy. This beauty sports an amberness that's just a beguiling pretense belying it's lightness.