Thursday, November 20, 2008

House of Brews

We were hungry and desirous of a beer, so we jauntily walked over to a place we noticed earlier and had never been to, called the House of Brews on W. 46th. St. The ubiquitous menu (beer) and Zagat rating met us at the door giving me a warm and fuzzy, and we were immediately drawn inside by their selection of draft and bottles and secondarily their food menu. We picked a table alongside the wall opposite the long, straight-line bar and upon having the beer menu placed before me, my eyes fell quite easily and naturally upon a local draft beer that I would probably not find at home: Captain Lawrence Brewing Company's Captain's Reserve Imperial IPA. Gotta support local beers when you leave the cozy environs of your home town, after all! S checked out every beer on the menu and 30 minutes later chose The Checker Cab Blond Ale from the Chelsea Brewing Company in Manhattan, a light and tasty Bavarian kolsch. (I had a sip of this and I thought it was excellent--very drinkable and many of them I could drink if given the chance!) To go with the brews, we shared a spicy meat, slaw, and fries plate laden with tasty black beans, spicy pulled pork, and delectable and perfectly grilled sausage and chicken. I have to admit the IPA was excellent and went straight to my head and I tried to slink out of there underpaying by at least $10. But alas, the bar maid called me on it and I had to `fess up and pay the full price. Totally embarrassed by the situation, the bar maid took it swell and after, we reminisced on the way back east, the last time we faux pas'ed on a tip in Manhattan and I was forced to empty garbage cans full of leftovers back behind the restaurant. Well, not really, but it might have led to that. The service was great, the beer selection is good (there was even a barleywine on a hand-pump) and if you're in the Theater area, this place is close enough to hop in for a sip before a show. I recommend it.

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